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Eyelid Surgery & Cosmetics


Facial Rejuvenation



Facial rejuvenation describes a wide variety of treatments and procedures seeking to maintain or restore the texture, appearance and/or position of the face. As time passes the skin and other soft tissues of the face are subject to potentially damaging forces such as ultraviolet light, repeated muscle contraction, and gravity. Altered pigmentation, rhytids (wrinkles), loss of skin elasticity, and drooping or sagging of the skin may result. Treatment options for facial rejuvenation are numerous and include such options as non invasive therapies (light emission treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peels), injectible therapies (botulinum or BOTOX®, collagen or other filler agents) and surgical treatments (blepharoplasty or eyelid lift, brow lifts and midface lifts).
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Eyelid Surgery

Surgical treatments

blepharospasm-360Blepharoplasty describes removing excess eyelid skin and/or muscle or repositioning eyelid soft tissues to restore a more refreshed, alert and rested appearance. Often upper eyelid skin drooping is at least partly accounted for by a drooping eyebrow. Lifting the eyebrows returns them to a more youthful position and decreases the appearance of tiredness or droopiness of the upper eyelid. An eyelid crease incision made during blepharoplasty or an endoscopic approach with small incisions hidden by the hairline may be used to elevate the eyebrows. Simply removing upper eyelid skin without repositioning the eyebrow may worsen the problem by pulling the brow further down.

The lower eyelids are often affected by bulging of the soft tissues, causing a lumpy appearance and altered contour. Lower eyelid blepharoplasty often involves repositioning the soft tissues with minimal removal of excess skin. Lower eyelid skin tone can often be improved with noninvasive treatments.
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