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Plasma Blade

Fugo Blade/Plasma Blade

Highly precise instruments like the Fugo Blade are especially useful in cataract surgery and in surgical treatment of glaucoma. Having laser-like interaction with tissue, the Fugo blade cuts with a 100-micron filament that heats to 450°C. The heat is extremely focused so there is minimal damage to surrounding tissue.

The Fugo Blade Procedures

Transciliary Filtration for Glaucoma . The Fugo Blade creates a small pore through the sclera and ciliary body without true cutting, using plasma energy surrounding its filament. The tissue bonds separate, allowing a nearly resistance-free incision and minimal bleeding. The incision acts like a bypass to help the eye’s natural fluid drain more easily and thereby lower eye pressure.

Capsulotomy for Cataract Surgery

The Fugo Blade provides superior control for opening poorly visible and excessively elastic lens capsules, thereby increasing the safety of cataract surgery. Some researchers have found that this form of lens capsule opening may improve edge strength. The added stability and durability can be especially useful for pediatric cataracts.

Other Glaucoma related procedures

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