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PRELEX is a term used to describe presbyopic lens exchange with a multifocal intraocular lens. While the application of the technology is new, the surgical techniques employed are proven successful over many years of use.

Your cornea (the outside part of the eye) and the eye’s natural lens (inside your eye) work together to focus light that comes into your eye. The lens, which is flexible when you are younger, becomes increasingly inflexible as you mature, often after you’ve passed the age of forty. Consequently, you have a difficult time focusing on objects. This condition is known as presbyopia.

The onset of presbyopia has traditionally meant that you are relegated to using glasses for clear vision. What’s more, even those individuals who’ve received laser vision correction will eventually become presbyopic and need glasses or contacts to restore their full range of sight.

PRELEX offers a solution. Unlike procedures that focus on changing the shape of the cornea, PRELEX works on the lens inside the eye. Consequently, your vision after the procedure will be stable and unlikely to change over time. In addition, cataract surgery will not be necessary later in life. The multifocal lens that is used to replace your eye’s natural lens will provide you with clearer vision at all distances, giving you little or no dependence on traditional or progressive bifocal glasses.

If you would like to know more about Prelex in Wisconsin or more specifically about the surgeons doing Prelex in Eau Claire WI. Please fill out our contact form and our certified Prelex surgeon will be happy to answer any questions.

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